Check out the new sci-fi comic book series created by Sean for Skybound and published by Image Comics. The double-sized first issue is in stores July 11. art by Alexandre Tefenkgi & Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Hey! It's me.

My name is Sean. I write fiction. Over the years, I've produced material for Marvel Comics, BioWare, DC Comics, Marvel Animation, Image Comics and others in comics, graphic novels, video games, trading cards, newspapers and on television.

I'm best known for character-driven stuff like Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane, Inhumans, Sentinel and The Waiting Place—all of which helped me to win an Eisner Award. I've also worked on The Incredible Hulk, Mystique, Teen Titans, Avengers: Kree-Skrull War, X-Men Origins and the historic Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO, along with many other cool things.

Thanks for dropping by. Check out Credits for an overview of my career, or go to the Catalog for a more complete list along with links for where to buy stuff.